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Without a family to give
him hope, Max won’t
get a fair chance.

About the team

About the team

The Family Placement Service consists of three senior practitioners, four social workers, one assistant social worker and a team manager. The entire team is involved in the recruitment, assessment and support of prospective adopters and adopters who have children placed with them.

We have a close working relationship with the Guernsey Fostering and Adoption Association. The expansion of the team in recent years has allowed us to develop the service and we now facilitate "preparation to adopt" groups and attend the support groups. The duty system means that someone is available to adopters even if their allocated worker is not.

The team has a role in identifying children who would be an appropriate match to adopters. They will also work with the prospective adopter(s) in identifying what training would be of benefit. New prospective adopters will come into contact with the members of the team through training events the support group and through social events.

The inter-country aspect of the service is now undertaken by Intercountry Adoption Centre (ICA).

They are a specialist agency in the UK who have knowledge and skills that will assist any prospective adopters with the processes involved. See the website  [email protected]  for more information   


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