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Without a family to give
him hope, Max won’t
get a fair chance.

Adopting a child in Guernsey

Adopting a child in Guernsey

Adoption is a term used to describe the legal process whereby parental rights and responsibilities for a child are conferred on a person who is not the child's birth parent. There are different categories of adoption which are referred to briefly here.

Domestic adoption

There is a whole system to recruit, assess and prepare adopters for children where a decision has been made in court, that they cannot live with their birth parents. There are a small number of babies whose parents have decided, voluntarily, that they cannot be a parent to that child.

Inter-country adoption

Some adults considering adoption choose to adopt a child from another country.

Step parents

This is for situations where a birth parent, whose child lives with them, has a partner who is not the other birth parent and who wishes to become a legal parent to the child. 

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