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How do I adopt a child?

How do I adopt a child in Guernsey?

You may already be familiar with the idea of adoption - where a child that cannot be brought up by their birth parents becomes part of a new family.  Perhaps you're wondering who can adopt, which children need adopting and the process involved?

Our role is to help secure the best possible future for all the children that we place. For many this means either being adopted or living permanently with a new family. Once you have made your enquiry and discussed your interest with a member of the team we will normally undertake a visit for a more in-depth discussion about adoption and whether it is appropriate for you and your family. If it is, you will be invited on a "preparation to adopt" course facilitated by team members.

You (the applicant(s) will attend the preparation course held over a number of evenings and feedback is provided on your participation by the group facilitator. The participants also provide feedback on the group experience and assess their own learning.

Following this, and if no concerns have arisen on the part of the applicant orHSC, a social worker is allocated to complete the home study report, using the Prospective Adopters Report (PAR) format. This assessment process should be a learning experience and continue the process of developing the applicant's knowledge of adoption and the needs of adopted children. At any stage the applicants may decide to withdraw themselves. They also may be deferred or counselled out by agreement if HSC has concerns that their application is not viable. If there is a lack of agreement about the viability of the application following the acceptance of a formal application, the social worker may present a brief report to the Fostering & Adoption Panel and seek a view as to whether the assessment should continue.

In the event that HSC decides not to continue the assessment or declines to approve following a full assessment there is an internal review process available to applicants.

Applicant(s) are expected to make themselves available for a series of interviews in their own home and sometimes at the team's offices. An assessment can only be progressed in a timely manner if there is a commitment on the part of both the worker and applicants and a working agreement is signed at the start of the process to clarify roles and expectations. 


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