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Short Break Care

Family Based Short Break Care Scheme


The Family Placement Service is looking to expand its family based Short Break Care Scheme for children with disabilities and their families. This is a service that gives families plenty of options, ranging from a child being taken out for a while, or perhaps being looked after by a carer in the child's own home, to regular overnight stays with short break carers.

Schemes such as this are extensively used in the UK and they can make all the difference to a family, allowing parents of a child with a disability to do some of the things which most of us take for granted, such as getting to the shops, giving their other children some attention or just winding down and relaxing once in a while. The children benefit as well with a change of carer who will give them some time and energy and broaden their world.

The Family Placement Service is seeking to recruit some more Short Break Carers and we know that there are many children and families who will benefit from Short Break Care. The scheme relies on recruiting good quality carers who are prepared to give some time and space to a child with a disability on a regular basis.

If you have time to spare on a regular basis, perhaps for a few hours or maybe one or two weekends a month, after school hours, at weekends or during the school holidays, then we would love to hear from you. 

If you are interested to find out more please contact the Family Placement Service on 713230.



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