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Term time hosts

Term Time Hosts

There are a number of children and young people from Alderney, Sark and Herm who reside in Guernsey during term time so that they can engage in the educational provision available. This may be as a result of the 11+ or it may be for further education (16-18).     

Getting started 

Guernsey families who express an interest in providing term time homes for students will be assessed by a member of staff based in the Family Placement Service to determine their suitability in providing this form of care.

After an initial telephone discussion a home visit will take place. The main purpose of this is to give you the opportunity to have as much information as possible regarding the task of caring for a student. It is at this point in the process that you and the department can agree that providing term time care is not for you. The meeting will address issues such as accommodation, other family living at home, reasons why you are interested in becoming a term time host.

If we are both in agreement about progressing with the assessment you will be asked to complete and sign consent forms, in order for agency checks to be carried out and references sought.  An assessment will not normally proceed until the CRB police check has been completed. 

The assessment process

The member of staff undertaking the assessment will meet with you and members of your family on at least two occasions in order to complete the assessment form. This will cover the following areas: 

  • Full names of all members of the household and family members living away from home, dates of birth, whether employed or attending college/school, and hours of work
  • Details regarding extended family and network of friends
  • Description of family member(s)
  • Details about any pet(s). A questionnaire will be filled out about pets and consideration will be made about the impact that any animal might have for a term time student 
  • Details regarding marital status, including details of any previous marriage and, if relevant, any child custody arrangements
  • Details regarding the health of each of the applicants and members of their family. A GP will already have been contacted for a reference for any medical concerns which could prevent you from caring for a student
  • A detailed description of the home, including a health and safety assessment, details regarding location and a suitable bedroom for a student
  • Reasons why you are interested in becoming a term time host.

When the assessment is complete it will be presented to a panel of senior managers within HSSD who will decide whether you, as prospective carers, should be approved. If approved the Family Placement Service will then start considering which student would be likely to fit in best with your family. 

The matching process 

The Family Placement Service will carefully consider which student is likely to be best matched to you as carers. To do this we will liaise with parents, carers and involved professionals (namely education and health). We will give consideration to interests, hobbies and the location of the school or college as well as your individual circumstances.

Pre-placement visit 

The purpose of this is to ensure that the match between your family and the student is the right one. It will involve the student and one or both parents visiting Guernsey, usually during the summer term, in order to meet you. The HSSD will meet the costs of the air fares for the student and both parents. 

Pre-placement visits play a vital part in the whole process of organising accommodation for students as it allows you as prospective host family, the student, parents and the department to discuss together the important day to-day issues such as:

  • Meals, student's likes and dislikes
  • Medical needs
  • Behavioural boundaries
  • Going out in the evening and weekends
  • Staying with friends or friends visiting the host family home
  • Arrangements regarding laundry
  • Transport arrangements in Guernsey
  • Use of telephone/computers etc
  • Whether it is possible for the student to bring their TV, CD player, computer or musical instrument 

If everyone is satisfied with the arrangements then a summary of the meeting is signed by all parties and the student's placement can be made.  Financial arrangements for payment are put in place and we will liaise with the Housing Department to ensure a Housing Licence is issued for the student.   

Post placement 

Once the student is placed with you, the Family Placement Service will maintain contact with you, parents and the student. Any issues that arise should be discussed between yourself and parents but the Family Placement Service is on hand for more complex situations that may need our involvement. There will be an annual review where the views of all those involved with the student will be sought. If any concerns are raised then it is the role of the Family Placement Service to address these with the relevant party if it can't be resolved between the parents and yourself. The expectation is that parents and hosts will have regular contact to ensure that the placement is working for the student and yourselves.           

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