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Who can foster?

Who can foster?

Children need your care, your time and your skills. You have to be interested in, and able to talk to, children and young people, to have time, energy and understanding and, above all, a sense of humour! You also have to be willing to work as part of a team with parents and social workers.

We're sure that one of the first questions you'll be asking yourself is whether or not you'll be considered suitable to foster a child or a young person. Well, here's a checklist of what we consider to be the essential qualities of a successful foster carer.

Skills and qualities

Many fostered children have been through some very traumatic experiences. They may have challenging behaviour or feel lonely and afraid.

A foster carer provides day-to-day care and much more. Your role is to nurture and support the child; to help them develop and grow and act on their behalf when dealing with others.

These are the key skills and qualities that we look for in our foster carers. They may come naturally to you already or you may need our training and support to make the most of your potential to be an excellent foster carer.

To meet the essential criteria you must be able to:

  • Provide a good standard of care for other people's children, promoting their healthy growth, development and achievement
  • Work closely with other professionals
  • Work (where necessary) with the child's family and those people important to the child
  • Set appropriate boundaries and manage a child's behaviour without resorting to physical or inappropriate punishment
  • Understand child development
  • Listen to and communicate with children in a manner appropriate to their age and understanding
  • Ensure that children are cared for in a home safe from harm and abuse
  • To communicate with a variety of people and promote equality
  • Actively encourage children to learn
  • Help them to feel positive about their origins, religion and culture

We offer a comprehensive training programme to prospective foster carers as part of the 'Skills to Foster' course prior to any placement and there is a range of further training available.

Want to become a foster carer?

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