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Tom never asks for help,
so he can’t change
life in the future.

Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight 2018

The Family Placement Service are again supporting the Fostering Network's national campaign, Foster Care Fortnight, between 14th & 27th May 2018.

The overarching message of Foster Care Fortnight is'foster care transforms lives'.

We are passionate about the difference that foster care makes to the lives of fostered children and young people, and Foster Care Fortnight is an excellent opportunity to showcase that difference.Foster care doesn't just transform the lives of the young people who are fostered, it also has the power to change the lives of foster carers, their families and all those who are involved in fostering. Along with fostering services, we join Foster Care Fortnight to share the stories of people who have had their lives transformed by foster care, and by doing so raise the profile of fostering and the need for more foster carers.

Proud to...

Foster Care Fortnight is a great time to challenge the myths and misconceptions about fostering.  We want to show that people from all sectors of society can be, and are, foster carers - and anyone can show their support for fostering. The Fostering Network are doing this through film, social media, blogs and the media with people sharing what they are proud of as well as being foster carers/supporters of fostering. That's why we're using the hashtags #ProudToFoster and #ProudToSupportFostering.  The Family Placement Service are also proud to participate in this and already we have several photos with participants having their photos taken using the placards


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