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About the residential care team

About the residential care team

There are many different roles with residential care.  Here is a brief description of what some of our team do.

The team employs approximately 50 staff; there is a Small Group Home Manager, an Adolescent Unit Manager and an Outreach/Secure Manager.  Their jobs are to coordinate the roles of the team of staff who provide direct care to the children and young people within the Island's residential care homes.


The manager will be directly responsible, and accountable in law, for the care provided within the home. Their role includes ensuring that the physical and emotional needs of young people are met and are continually developed in line with the Care Standards Act 2000 and the Children's Homes Regulations 2001.

They ensure that all staff involved in the direct care of young people are working within the company's policies and procedures and that all staff have the appropriate levels of support and supervision. Home managers work in partnership with professionals and agencies to monitor case-work and evaluate standards of performance

Deputy managers

The role of the deputy manager exists primarily to support the manager in the operation of the home and to act on behalf of the manager in his/her absence.

The post is a managerial position but also retains direct care responsibilities for the young people accommodated with us. The deputy manager has supervision duties and a key worker role, similar to those of the senior residential social workers. In addition, he/she also has the added influence, authority and responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of the service, supporting the staff team in their roles, ensuring that staff induction and training needs are met and for planning duty rotas.

The deputy manager is required to be committed, enthusiastic and flexible in their approach. It is a demanding role and good time management and prioritising skills are essential attributes for the intrinsic rewards associated with this position.

Residential workers

It is the duty of our residential workers to respond to and meet the assessed and identified needs of the young people. They work in partnership with young people, their families, social workers and health and education professionals, both internal and external, to ensure positive outcomes. They are fully involved in the day-to-day routine of the home and will support young people in contributing to the decision-making process around the care they receive.


Our psychologist is involved in the multi-disciplinary assessment of children and young people where appropriate. They offer advice and guidance around a range of issues in relation to the emotional wellbeing of young people. They also offer a network of support to staff teams and advise around assessment tools for a particular condition relating to the mental health needs of the child. They are also involved in an out of hours on-call system which ensures that both young people and staff have access to medical support at all times.

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