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Lucy struggles to make sense
of her situation and fears her
dreams will never become a reality



How much will I be paid?

RCCOII - £24,258.00 to £24,853.00 per annum (2 increments rises in this pay band)
RCCOIII - £25,469.00 to £28,073.00 per annum (5 increments rises in this pay band)

How many hours a week will I work?

39 hours over a series of shifts.

How much annual leave will I get?

22 days rising to 23 days on the last two increments of RCCOIII.

Will I be able to become a qualified social worker?

Yes, we currently run a social work training scheme each year for one trainee.  The trainee post can be applied for once people have some experience.  Training is through the Open University with placements on island.

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"I particularly enjoy key working. Here you can form a relationship with the young person by getting to know their needs and maybe providing some help for them and their future. This can be very rewarding."

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