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Types of residential care

Types of residential care

In Guernsey there are some small group homes, a residential unit, assessment units and a secure unit.

Each residential care home is designed with young people in mind.  Young people are encouraged to choose colour schemes and to personalise their own rooms.

All the homes have living rooms, kitchens, gardens and bedrooms.  The home provides an environment where young people can grow and maintain positive relationships as well as achieving personal goals.

Each home offers a safe environment for vulnerable young people who may have complex needs.

Small group homes

There are two small group homes in Guernsey which are staffed by a small team of experienced carers.  These are houses within the local community that provide a homely environment for these young people.  These are homes that, ideally, enable the child to thrive until they are old enough to leave care.  The children and young people are carefully chosen according to their ages, needs and compatibility with the aim to provide a happy and settled environment.

Residential unit

Guernsey has one residential unit which provides a stable and safe home environment for six young people (aged between 13 to 18 years old).  Here older teenagers live together and are cared for by an experienced and dedicated team of residential carers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The young people's needs vary from short term stay to longer term until they reach adulthood.  Within the residential unit, we place a lot of emphasis on education or employment opportunities and encouraging our young people to develop other useful skills.  This helps to create a happy and secure environment for those in care. 

The home has staff on duty at all times led by a qualified registered manager and supported by the residential care team. Each young person has their own en-suite bedroom, a computer room and the house has a lounge, kitchen and dining area. The home also has a lawned garden and patio area.

The young people are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities from sports, music and the art.

Assessment units

These are houses where mainly younger children are placed while their plans are formulated for their long-term future whether this is returning home, being placed within a foster family or moving into a residential care home.  The assessment units are very similar to living in a short-term placement.

Secure unit

This is a specialist unit where children and young people are placed through the courts.

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