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Short Break Care

Our Short break carers look after children with disabilities who generally live at home with their families and are not in care. This service is jointly held between the Family Placement Service and the Child Development Service at Le Rondin. Short break care is used extensively in the UK and can make all the difference to a family and can really benefit children by helping to broaden their world.

  • What is the difference between fostering and short break care?

    • Our foster carers are responsible for the full time care of children and young people who, for a number of reasons, cannot live with their families. This requires a significant commitment from our foster carers and there are certain requirements you need to meet, including having a spare bedroom and being available to care for children who are placed with you. If you'd like to know more about fostering you can find more information here.

      Short break care differs quite significantly as instead of being full time carers you will support children with disabilities and their families who are generally not in care but require extra support to help them live a full life at home with their families. This can be for varied lengths of times and can either be in your own home or out in the community.

  • Who can become a short break carer?

    • The scheme relies on recruiting good quality carers who are prepared to give some time and space to a child with a disability on a regular basis. We welcome short break carers of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicity, religions and backgrounds.

      Almost anyone can become a short break carer. We are keen on finding people who are interested in making a difference in the lives of some of our children and young people and it can be a good way to get involved in working with young people and families.  For example, some people have come into short break care as they are unable to commit to becoming foster carers but still wish to support a child or young person in some way.

  • How much time will I need to be able to commit to?

    • If you have time to spare on a regular basis, perhaps for a few hours or maybe one or two weekends a month, after school hours, at weekends or during the school holidays, then we would love to hear from you.

  • What will be expected of me as a short break carer?

    • Short Break Care gives families plenty of options, ranging from a child being taken out for a few hours to do an activity in the community, or perhaps being looked after by a carer in the child's own home, to regular overnight stays with short break carers. As a short break carer you may also occasionally care for the brothers and sisters of the child allowing parents to spend one to one time with their child who has a disability.

      Short break care is always planned and usually you'll care for a specific child who is matched to you for regular, short periods although depending on your availability you may be able to support more than one child and family at a time. You will receive training which is bespoke to the needs of the child matched with you and ongoing support from your own supervising social worker.

  • How do I become a Short Break Carer?

    • Please take a look here to see the process for becoming a short break carer.

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